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17 June 2020 – Taalrondje online: the meeting point for native speakers and language lovers. Please sign up!

Wednesday 17 June, 8 pm until 10 pm

Sign up:
Please fill in the form here
Did you fill in this form before? Then just send an email to diptic@diptic.nl

Admission fee:
Only €5 per session. Make your donation here. If you want to donate for previous sessions you attended, you can add €5 per session.

What do you need for a video conference via Crovv:
• A good internet connection.
• Google Chrome >> Google Chrome downloaden << on Laptop or PC
• Webcam & Microphone

First-timer? Please make an appointment and we’ll go through all the technical aspects.

On the day itself:

1. Make sure you log in on time.

2. Click and open this link in Google Chrome: https://lets.crovv.com/Diptic

3. Authorize the use of webcam and microphone;

4. Enter your name on the screen and also the language you want to practise;

5. The links to the language rooms will be published at 7.30 pm on this page.

Programme and rules:
8:00 pm – Welcome to the Díptic room
You are a guest of the online platform Crovv.com.
We meet in the main location, the Díptic room: https://lets.crovv.com/Diptic
Please copy this link and keep at hand during the session.

8:10 pm – How does Crovv.com work?
This online environment works like a video conference: we talk to each other via the microphone and we exchange written messages via chat.

8:15 pm – Participants choose a language room
The idea is that a native speaker is present in every language room.
In one room you are the native speaker, in the other room you are the language lover.

When you leave the Díptic room, please ‘close the door’ (click on the red phone to disconnect). This of course also applies to all other language rooms.
You can always go back to the main location from your language room by pasting the main link into your browser. Feel free to switch language rooms via the other links. Don’t feel obliged to play the role of the native speaker the whole evening. Take your time to enjoy practising your favourite language.

9:30 pm – Closing in the Díptic room
Plenary closing. Feedback and suggestions.

More information:
Please get in touch via diptic@diptic.nl