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15 April 2020 – Taalrondje: click and chat in your favourite language

Wednesday 15 April, 8 pm until 10 pm

Sign up:
Please send an email to diptic@diptic.nl with:
– your full name;
– the language you want to share;
– the language you want to practise;
– your mobile number.

What do you need for a video conference via Crovv:
• A good internet connection.
• Google Chrome >> Google Chrome downloaden << on Laptop or PC
• Webcam & Microphone

On the day itself:
1. Make sure you log in on time.
2. Click and open this link in Google Chrome: https://lets.crovv.com/Diptic
3. Authorize the use of webcam and microphone;
4. Enter your name on the screen and also the language you want to practise.

You are now on the online platform Crovv.com
We meet in the main location: https://lets.crovv.com/Diptic

This online environment works like a video conference: we talk to each other via the microphone and we exchange written messages via chat.
After a short welcome, you will be assigned to a language room of your choice.
You will find the links to the language rooms in the chat.
You will meet at least one native speaker of that language in each language room.
Every 30 minutes, the moderator will ask you if you want to move to another language room.
The main location remains open, you can always go back there from your language room.

Admission fee:
you will receive a payment request of € 5,- per session. You can also choose to pay for five Taalrondjes. These tickets are also valid for your guests.