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29 June and 4 July – Taalrondje in Tilburg as well as online


Monday 29 June | 7 pm until 9 pm

Saturday 4 July | 3 pm until 5 pm



Off-line venue in Tilburg –

In the open air, on the bridge at the Hoevenseweg, in the Piushaven (between Vittorio Perzisch ijs and De Villa Pastorie). For the exact location see here.

Online venue in the World Wide Web –




€5,- (off- and online) per day. Please make your donation here.


Sign up (recommended):

Minimum 15 participants.

You can fill in the form here.

Under Comments, please indicate how you want to participate: offline or online.


Joining online?

On your laptop: open in Google Chrome the link https://lets.crovv.com/Diptic and you are there.

On your mobile: download the free Let’s Crovv Video Chat App for iOS & Android. The name of the room is Diptic.


Joining offline?

During the Taalrondje in Tilburg you can also talk to the online participants. Please don’t forget to recharge your mobile and to download the Let’s Crovv app.


More information:

Please get in touch via diptic@diptic.nl