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Your Ideas

“In 2011 I asked Ferran to join our new team as event manager. He has set his own mission statement: finding people within local communities to bring in their talent in order to create events that appeal to culturally divers participants and audiences. Ferran enjoys working here with us. He is creative, helpful and critical. He is always trying to improve.”

Jürgen Jansen, director Huis van de Wereld (NL)

“We were looking for a project manager for our € 200.000,- program of social activities Meet & (Gr)eat, funded with European and regional funds. Ferran has been with us from the beginning and has put a lot of creativity in developing and organising this two-year program (2009-2010) staying within the budget. We were happy to see that the program, now called Third Space, was prolonged in 2011 thanks to extra regional and local funding.”

Marieke Sarton, senior policy manager SNV Brabant Centraal (NL)

“In 2007 was the 50th anniversary of the Catalan literary award Lletra d’Or. To celebrate this milestone we askes Díptic to develop a low budget exhibition in the public space, the entrance hall of the cultural society Ateneu Barcelonès, off the Ramblas. Ferran came up with an exhibition inspired by the shop windows of the nearby bookstores. People shopping in the Ramblas and visitors to the society were attracted to this ‘new bookshop’ in the hall of this XVIII century building. I also remember the exhibition leaflet, cleverly designed as a book cover to protect your book.”

Enric Gomà, writer and scriptwriter, secretary to the award jury

“In our national parks there are a lot of food producers and restaurants where school children learn about eating and cooking with healthy local products. This program called The park on the table could also be extrapolated to learn about eating habits in other countries. In 2007 Díptic provided the right Dutch partners and coordinated the exchange between a Spanish and a Dutch school, with the support of the Spanish Embassy in The Hague. The project now called Hablar con la boca llena took an extra dimension by combining eating habits and learning Spanish. Children on both sides rehearsed very hard for the final video conference. It was amazing to see how the Dutch children had learnt Spanish, just in a few months.”

Ramon Espinach, technical office manager Parcs Naturals, Diputació de Barcelona

“Back in 1996 Ferran told me about this exhibition on the origin of writing and the history of our alphabet produced by the Dutch museum Scryption. I immediately loved the title A is an Ox (upside down), although later on we changed it to The Traces of the Alphabet. Writing and Art. Ferran and the Dutch museum director curated the new exhibition and adapted it for a Catalan and Spanish audience. It was very exciting to research archaeological and art museums, galleries and private collections in several European countries, giving special attention to The Netherlands, Catalonia and Spain, to find all the exhibits. “

Mercè Freixenet, director Caixaforum Lleida