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Saturday 25 November 2023 – Taalrondje in Tilburg presents

The meeting point for native speakers

and language lovers

“The Practice of Democracy”

by Ferran Bach

(a pop-up speech based on a script by Danae Theodoridou, in the frame of Creative Democracy research project, organized by Fontys Academy of the Arts and Kenniscentrum Creative Economy.)

How does it work?

Taalrondje op YouTube


Saturday 25 Nov 2023

3:00 until 5:00 p.m.

(plus drinks in the Ristobar).

Sign up

If you join us for the first time, please register here.

Have you registered before? Please send an e-mail:




Willem II straat 29 te Tilburg

Toon op kaart

Our meeting is in the Atrium (left to the reception desk)

How to get there?


Bicycles on the pavement will be removed!


€ 5,-


Met vriendelijke groet van het Taalrondje Team en de Taalstedenband Tilburg-Culemborg-Amsterdam,

Ferran Bach – Díptic, bureau voor culturele projecten | www.diptic.nl| @bureaudiptic

Sandra Wormgoor – Taaltutor | www.taaltutor.nl | @talencafeculemborg

Els Streefkerk – Amsterdam | What-Els | www.what-els.nl | Vertel es